Friday, July 18, 2014

he is the reason...why I love cats soooooo much

This layout features my first love ~ my very first big boy, "T.T." (Tiny Tiger).  What a “love muffin” he was!  I chose Bo Bunny "The Avenues" collection because of the simplicity.  I didn't want to over embellish this page since there are 3 photos that are not the best quality.  They were taken in 1978/79 - way before digital was in our vocabulary!   Although this layout isn't very 'elaborate', I feel that my T.T. deserves a place in my pet scrapbook.  After all, he started my love of cats that will never ever end.   I am now 53 years old and the memories I have of T.T. are very vivid.  He is the only boy cat I have ever had.  I am 18 years old in both photos with my sweet boy in this layout.  And as you can see, we were big buddies watching TV together.  

T.T. was HUGE.  When I was in 7th-8th grade, I walked to and from school a few miles from home.  When I would round the corner to our street after school I could see T.T. waiting for me in the driveway (5 houses away) - he was big...very big!   I had a certain whistle for him and he would come running up the sidewalk to meet me.  I would pick him up and kiss him and then 'throw' him across my shoulder and off we would go to our house.  He LOVED it!
T.T. had paws the size of a U.S. dollar coin.  His father, whose name was "Buckwheat" was even bigger!  
One day I heard a lot of dogs barking and they sounded very close.  I looked out the front window and there on the driveway laid (yes LAID) my T.T. acting very calm as he whipped his tail up and down, surrounded by 3 huge dogs - all showing their teeth and barking (I believe they were labs).  By the time I made it to the front door only 6 feet away, there stood T.T. in the driveway watching 3 cowardly dogs yelping (yes literally YELPING) down the street!  LOL!  I think T.T. pulled a ninja move on those dogs.  "Fear" was never part of his vocabulary! 

At night he was a tom cat in the true sense.  He owned the neighborhood and more than likely fathered many litters, since back in those days there wasn't any talk or concerns about 'fixing' your pets.  Although later, my parents did agree to have him neutered.  During the day, T.T. was SO loveable.  I don't think I've ever had a cat since then that is more loveable than he was.  What a big ole baby!  In the early morning my Mom would let T.T. in the house.  He would come to my room.  I would fake like I was sleeping. He would come in my bed and rub his big huge head all over my face to wake me up and acknowledge him.   Funny how memories over 35 years ago are so vivid. 

Cats really are cool - period.  And T.T. was one helluva cool cat!
Thanks for viewing and hope you have a great day!  Lisa : )
Products used:
Bo Bunny "The Avenues" collection
    -"Home" for the main page
    -"The Avenues" alpha stickers
    -"The Avenues" & 6x6 papers from this collection used under the photos
    -"Treasures" - fussy cuts
Bo Bunny "The Avenues" collection
Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst color "Shabby Turbine Teal"
Sizzix Tim Holtz "Tattered Florals" die
    -Distress Stickles color "Mustard Seed"
Pigments inks: Turquoise, Seaglass, Creamy Brown, Chestnut Roan, Curry & Charcoal
Sizzix "Tickets" die

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  1. I feel like I found a kindred spirit in you, Lisa! I love cats so much, too, and sometimes I think people think I'm on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady (I suppose if the shoe fits...). I love this layout. I love the photos. I love your memories of him. I love this cat! LOL he sounds so precious and full of personality! My sister had an orange and white boy and he was so lovable too. And by the way, you are so gorgeous!


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