Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tutorial - Magnetic Flap Envelope

Hi everyone!  This is my tutorial on how to make a magnetic flap closure envelope!

First, I made a pocket envelope. 
Very simple.

Step #1
(These are the same basic steps as shown in my pocket envelope tutorial).
First, decide the size of your pocket envelope and then cut it accordingly.

Step #2
Determine the 'thickness' of your pocket envelope and score according to size.

Step #3 
Burnish all scored lines.

Step #4
Snip the 'tabs' that will be folded & hidden inside the envelope.

Step #5
Make sure that everything folds and fits properly together.

Step #6
Now, Scor-Tape all of the edges.

Step #7
Now measure, cut & score your envelope flap closure.
You will need part of it to be adhered to the back of the envelope 
with the 'flap' being in the front.
Leave enough in the measurement to be able to score it to match the thickness of the pocket envelope.  
In my example, that is 3/4".

Step #8
Now you need to decide where the magnets will be placed on both the flap & the envelope.
I placed the un-adhered flap over the envelope and then marked where 
the magnets would be placed by puncturing a small hole with a die pick. 

Be careful not to poke through all the way to the other side of the envelope.

Step #9
Now I glued the magnet that goes on the inside of the envelope.
This is done BEFORE you adhere the envelope sides together.

Step #10
Now you can adhere the envelope sides together to form the pocket envelope.

Step #11
Now glue the flap magnet in place right over where you punctured the small hole.

Step #12
Now you can adhere a decorative piece over the flap magnet to cover up the hole.  

Step #13
Scor-Tape the backside of the flap that will be placed on the BACK of your envelope.

Step #14
Lastly, adhere the flap to the envelope!

Now you can decorate to your heart's content!
This is my completed pocket envelope with magnetic flap closure.

Thanks so much for viewing my tutorial!
I hope you've learned something new today and hope you can come back again!
Have a great week!
Lisa : )

Grateful for you ~ Two Special People & Two Prima Zella Teal cards

I've really been enjoying making cards 
with the new Prima Zella Teal collection!  

I made two very similar cards recently - this first one is for my BFF, Carmel.

This one is for my daughter, Brianne.

I made the cards 5" x 7" size using light taupe colored cardstock.  

Floral Stories backside was cut into a 3" x 6-1/2" strip; distressed & inked on the edges; 
then adhered to the left side of the card.

I created a custom die cut using Spellbinders Labels Twenty Two.  
My step by step photo tutorial shows exactly how I made this custom shaker die cut.  

To the center of my custom die cut, 
I used the 2nd smallest die in the Labels Twenty Two die set to cut out where the shaker will be.

For my BFF's card, I cut out the square piece 'grateful for you' from the Live Loudly page.
This became the background for the shaker part.
 Silver microbeads were used as the filler.

For Brianne's card, I punched out the same words 'grateful for you' with a 1-1/2" circle punch.
To her card, I acrylic painted letters to spell "SO" and placed them above the circle cut.
Silver microbeads were also used as the filler.

Once everything was assembled and adhered, I decorated each card with a few Zella Teal flowers.
This one is Carmel's - 

For Brianne's flowers, I sprayed the large gray one with Lindy's Stamp Gang Glitz Spritz Scintillating Silver & the small ones above it with Starburst Teeth Chattering Teal (now a retired color).  
Both of these sprays added lots of shimmer!

I went a step further and made a magnetized flap closure envelope for Brianne's card.
I'm putting together a tutorial for this type of envelope and will post it soon.

First, here is the envelope for Brianne's card.
I used the exact Prima Zella Teal papers as I did on the card.

One more look at Brianne's card & envelope.

Thanks so much for your visit and I hope you can drop by again some time!
Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Lisa : )

Products used:

Prima Zella Teal collection -

Floral Stories
(backside for left side strip)

Zella Teal (for custom die cut)

Live Loudly
(for words in the shaker)

Teal Love


Grands Adventure

Wild Orchid Crafts - 
White Long Stem Stamens

Martha Stewart punch - 
Monarch Butterfly

Spellbinders Dies - 
Labels Twenty Two

Hobby Lobby - Paper Studio punch - 
1-1/2" Circle

Sizzix Die Cutting Tools - 
Big Shot Machine

Magnetic Platforrm

The Dusty Attic chipboard - 
ABC Lowercase

ColorBox Chalk & Pigment Inks - 
Nightfall set - (Creamy Brown)

Wild Hare

Gary Burlin's Acetate Sheets -  

Michael's - light taupe cardstock; Silver microbeads; Warm White acrylic paint 
Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays - Starburst Teeth Chattering Teal (retired color) & Glitz Spritz Scintillating Silver
Adhesives - 

Beacon 3-in-1
(for flowers)

(for papers & die cuts)

Foam Tape
(for shaker boundaries)

Tutorial - Custom Die Cut & Shaker

Let me explain exactly what I mean when I say a "custom die cut".

I recommend picking out a symmetrical die with a straight, non-intricate design.
In this example, I used the Spellbinders Die Set Labels Twenty Two.

See the symmetry in them?

In my example, I needed a rectangle but I didn't want it to be 'ordinary'. 
I wanted it to have shapely ends - something with interest.
Since the Labels Twenty Two dies are square,  
 let me show you how I achieved this look!

1. Cut the paper to the desired size. 
(in this example, I cut my paper 3-1/2" wide x 6" long).  
Using the 2nd largest die in the set, I placed the paper & die on my Sizzix magnetic platform 
and rolled through the Big Shot ONLY HALF WAY (meaning half the size of the die).
Then I turned the paper around, placed the die & ran it through ONLY HALF WAY 
so that the other end of the paper would be die cut.

2. Snip off the decorative die cut ends so they are out of the way.

3. Now make a straight cut to form your rectangle.
You have made a custom die cut!

I chose to make a shaker with this custom die cut piece.  
Many of you already know how to make shakers, 
but here are my personal how-to instructions for those that may not.

Shaker Step #1
Using the 2nd smallest die in the Labels Twenty Two set, 
I die cut where I wanted the shaker part to be, which is in the center.

Once the die cut piece is finished, now you are ready for Step #2.

Shaker Step #2
Adhere a piece of acetate over the die cut area on the backside of the paper 
so that you have a window to see the goodies inside.
(I bought acetate sheets, however, you can also save up acetate pieces that are used in 
some crafting packaging or even plastic covers from desserts, etc.)

Note: I like to use Scor-Tape instead of liquid glue to adhere the acetate.

Shaker Step #3 -

In this example I used foam tape to line the cut out area of the shaker.
When using foam tape, you have to make sure to closely & very tightly place the pieces together 
so that no gaps exist that would allow the goodies to fall out.  
This is placed on top of the acetate.

You can also use foam sheets (usually found in the children's craft section).  
Although foam sheets seem easy to use, you must make sure that it glues tightly to the edges 
of the die cut area, otherwise the goodies will become lodged just under it.
I personally find that foam tape is better, less messy & no worries.

Depending on how large the shaker goodies are will determine if you need to 
double or triple layer your foam sheets or foam tape; one on top of the other.
(NOTE:  Foam tape is about double the thickness of foam sheet)

In my example, I didn't need to double my foam tape.

Shaker Step #4 -

Shaker Background that does NOT Require Centering:
If your shaker background doesn't requiring 'centering' of any sort, you can actually pour in the goodies at this point, while the paper is laying flat with the foam tape facing up.  
I always add a little glue to the foam tape for added hold before adhering to the backing.

Shaker Background that REQUIRES Centering:
If your shaker background needs to be centered, as in my example, don't add the goodies yet!  
Add the glue to the foam tape (NOT to the top piece! See Step #5). 
Turn your piece over where you can see through the acetate window to center & adhere your background.  

HOWEVER, leave the top foam tape UN-ADHERED until Step #5 is completed.

Shaker Step #5 -

After centering your background piece and adhering it, it's time to add the shaker goodies!

Using your finger or thumb, gently 'open up' a space that you can pour your goodies through.
Once the goodies are added to your liking, securely seal the top closed.

You've created a shaker!!

Now add glue or Scor-Tape to the backside and adhere your piece to your card.

Thanks for viewing my tutorial!
I hope it helped give you some ideas of your own to try!
Have a great day!
Lisa : )