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Reminiscing ~ Gali & Lucy's Story (my scrapping years 2011 - 2013)

Do you ever look at your layouts from years ago and spend time reminiscing like I do?  
From 2011-2013, I was beginning to venture into the world of scrapbooking. 
I'm very comfortable, content and happy with my present scrapping style.  
I'm exactly where I need to be, just as I was back in 2011.
I treasure every page I've ever created because they all have special meaning for me.

This post is about my two adorable Birmans, which by the way are officially given a name at birth based on the "Birman alphabet year".  We have Miss Gali (born officially as 'Galadrial' in 2009 which was the 'G' year for Birman names) and her last precious daughter, Lucy (born officially as 'I Love Lucy' in 2011 - the 'I' year for Birman names).  They are exactly two years to the day apart in age - both born on April 14th >^..^<
All Birmans are born pure white. Full maturity of coloring takes around 3 years.

I have selected special pages that I scrapped in 2011-2013.
Starting with their history and photos from the breeder 
when Miss Gali was still in charge of her lively brood of 4 big boys and 1 tiny little girl, Lucy.  
We brought Gali (age 2-1/2) & Lucy (3-1/2 mos) home on Aug 5, 2011.  
I hope you enjoy viewing these pages! 

Here are Galadrial's gorgeous parents (Lucy's Grandparents)!
Her stunning mother, "Edie", is a Seal Lynx Point Birman.
She was the first breeding queen at LesJeunes Birmans (Houston, Texas) where Gali & Lucy are from. 
Miss Gali gets her stunning and such sweet eyes from her mother.
Her handsome father, "Zona", is a Lilac Birman from SinhSoul Birmans in East Texas.

(just some simple punching, inking and layering)

Now for Lucy's phenomenal parents!
Lucy's MaMa, the ever gorgeous "Miss Gali" is a Chocolate Seal Point Birman (as is Lucy too!).
Her quite handsome father "Hey Jude" is a Lilac Birman from BumbleBe Birmans in Victoria, Texas.
Lucy's beautiful markings are of course from her mother and 
I can't help but believe that the mischievous side of her absolutely must be from her father >^..^< 

(continued with punching & layering)

On April 14, 2011, Galadrial had 5 sweet babies consisting of 4 big boys and 1 tiny little girl, our Lucy!  
Here they are at 8.5 weeks old!
I wanted to show you how small Lucy is in comparison to her brothers!
Find the tiniest kitten and you've found Lucy! So CUUUUTE!

(learning to die cut and heat embossing a stamp)

8/6/2011 (Day #2 in their new 'forever home')
I just couldn't believe that the shy Miss Gali exposed herself on day #2!!
Gali was 8 lbs when she came home with us.....but today is a gorgeous, healthy 9.5 lbs!
Remember though, she had a litter of 5 to feed and tend to which takes a lot from a MaMa.

(using ribbon in a different way and lots more flowers & brads)

8/6/2011 Lucy on Day #2 is so very comfortable in her new home!
I'm going to frame this one!  It has always been one of my most favorite layouts (and photos).
Lucy was born with very striking, phenomenally stunning eyes!

(I used Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst color Hydrangea Blue on the Prima flower;
keeping the layout clean & simple, allowing the print on the paper to be the main decoration)

8/13/11 This one just HAD to be shared because it's when I started the new nickname of Lucy The Bad!  
After one week with us, Lucy's hilarious, playfulness emerged.  
Lucy is 'spying' on her MaMa Gali - the flash from the camera makes her look like a little alien!  
Just that tiny head is peeking around the corner!  LOLOLOLOL!!!
Then you can see the sneaky progression Lucy makes until she reaches her MaMa, who doesn't even acknowledge her. Awwwww.  Poor Lucy!  Foiled again!

(using fun flowers, stickers & punching)

10/12/11 - 
Lucy has been so photogenic throughout her entire life! This photo has always grabbed my heart!

(punching a full frame and using ribbon accents)

11/19/11 - It's still very hard to this day to get a really good photo of these two together!
  You can see that Lucy's true colors had quite a ways to go to darken to full maturity.

(I had just bought a gorgeous set of alpha dies & the gorgeous 2-in-1 rose bush punch; 
loved using rub-on butterflies and incorporating metal into the mix).

3/3/12 - Gali looks like a statue!  LOL!

(I stitched on a layout for the first time; learned how to punch my own doily 
and even got 'fancy' with some ripping and curling : )

7/1/12 - A lovely photo of Miss Gali as she lounged on the counter in the scrap area!

(there's those pretty rub-on butterflies again & even a metal one)  : )

8/30/12 - I still say to Lucy "What the World?!" (instead of 'What in the world?')-LOL!
Lucy kept 'doing her bad deed' even though I was right there snapping photos one after the other!
  She is HILARIOUS!  Thank God she no longer mutilates the toilet paper roll!  LOL  
Below this layout, I've provided a photo to show you the outcome of her dastardly deed!
Yes - she tugged & ripped every last piece off the roll - LOL!  She is such an awesome JOY!

(I was enjoying dimensional stickers on this one & a new set of alpha dies)

5/12/13 - Bird watching together. I just adore this photo of my girls! 

(I was learning how to stencil)  :)

Aug. 2013One of Lucy's nicknames today is "Brown Toe" - LOL!  
And I actually still tell her and then do it - 
"I'm gunna kiss your brown toe!" 
Kitty toes are ultra soft and cushy >^..^<

(in 2013 I started using more paper collections & learned how to make paper rosettes)

The rest of Gali's & Lucy's layouts are all posted on my blog as I created them.
My life is wonderful because of them & being able to design and create great memories through scrapbooking!
Thanks so much for taking time to view and hopefully read some too : )
Have a great week!  Lisa : )


  1. What beautiful memories!! I rarely look back at my old layouts and then only on line so this has inspired me to take a look at the boxes and boxes of layouts I have done over the years to see the changing techniques. Your cats are absolutely adorable and I can tell you are such a loving good cat mum to them. I have really enjoyed reading all about them. Great blog entry...thank you for sharing.

  2. what a wonderful stroll through both your scrapbooking history and the lives of your two beautiful girls! Thanks for sharing this, Lisa! Your kitties are blessed to have you as their mom!

  3. So nice to see the history of your girls. Hope we see another post for 2013-2016, hint hint! They are such gorgeous cats and great layouts. You've inspired me to be a better cat mom and do more layouts with our Wesson.

  4. Oh my gosh Lisa, I love this post!! SO many wonderful memories of your girls. I just adore looking at all their pictures! They are so darn photogenic and their softness just begs to be snuggled and kissed (right on that Brown Toe! LOL!). As for your layouts, WOW, I wish my first pages looked like yours! I haven't looked at my first book for a while, but I know I did a whole book in about a month, and all I had was a pad of paper, a single flower punch, and some cat-themed stickers!! Haha--what a fun road it is to travel, to explore techniques, learn about your style, experiment with colors. I love that you put this all together in one post! And I loved reading the story of Gali and the Bad! Lucy is such a character--I love seeing her as a kitten! I love that she is so tiny, tiny little fuzzball of badness!! It's so funny the names we crazy cat-adoring people come up with!! After my Pie, my first cat, died, I made a list of all the things I called her so I never forgot all that silliness!! I also loved that you recorded their story in such a loving, beautiful way. I always love your blog posts :) I see I missed one that I have to go explore right now, the faves of 2016!!


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I appreciate every one of them!