Saturday, July 30, 2016

John's 32nd Birthday Card

My son-in-law, John, is so witty and hilarious....he never fails to make everyone laugh. 
So he is definitely worthy of receiving an "embellished" joke card for his birthday :)

I was looking for a typical 'son-in-law' birthday card and then THERE SHE WAS....a little Calico BEAUTY that resembles their cat, Marcy!  Disappointment set in because the card is for a TWO YEAR OLD GIRL!  But luckily I was "SAVED" by being a scrapbooker and my mind went into automatic click-click creative mode! LOL!

So, let's start from the beginning shall we.... 
When I started scrapbooking years ago, I loaded up on every sticker that I thought was cute because I was scrapping my daughter's life.  I still have most (if not all) of my old stash, so low and behold I find these puff alpha stickers in my stash and the "B" is exactly the same striped colors just like the '2' on the card!!!!   So......

I cut the 'B' into a '3' - LOL!
Now - check out their cat, Marcy!  Green eyes and all!

The best surprise for John is what I did to the inside of the card! 
The entire left side is decorated with stickers & rub-ons!
I had to stop several times and laugh until I cried!  Look at the puff sticker of the skeleton fish jumping into the fish bowl!  And the rub-on bird saying 'here, kitty kitty' - LOL!!!
Funniest of all is the puff sticker of the gray cat because their other cat, Harvey, is gray.  They sometimes call him "Buttstein" when his rear end stinks - LOL!
The right side as you can see is marked through and wording changed a bit.
Rub-on paw prints, a 'meow' sticker and the #3 glittered with Stickles "Spiced Marmalade" added a little fun.
The real 'kicker' though is the awkward fire hydrant rub-on in the corner - LOL!!!!!!!!!
This is something John would pull in a joke because it doesn't fit at all with cats!  LOL!!
The poem on this card is hilarious!  I keep laughing myself into "lung hurt".  LOL!!!
I created this post on July 13th and have just been dying to publish it!!  But, now I'm able to because John received his card and he & Brianne had a good laugh. :) 

Hope you got some laughs because I know that I sure did!

Happy 32nd Birthday (July 31st) to our wonderful son-in-law!


  1. Too cute, Lisa. Everything worked out so well, with him being (3)2 and all! That cat looks like Marcy's mirror-image twin! So cute :)


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