Monday, October 27, 2014

French Vintage Wine Tube Gift Box ~ Wild Orchids Crafts flowers and my wedding gown!

Hi everyone!  I have something very exciting to show you today! 

For quite some time, I have had the desire to create a vintage wine tube gift box.   I had “French” on my mind and after searching, found a gorgeous French beauty to fit right in with the design I envisioned!  I colorized her dreamy eyes & her shapely lips, leaving the rest of the photo B&W.   

My DH and I agreed that 21 years was long enough for my wedding gown to just hang in the closet and it was time to do something constructive with the lace, pearls, tulle, satin and ruching.  So, I cut it up and saved every usable piece that I could!  Too bad I can’t sew!   But I sure can glue!  LOL

I am so proud to share with you the beautiful vintage result of my project:

The colors in the Lindy’s Stamp Gang October 2014 Color Challenge fit perfectly with this design so I let them be my inspiration!
This is my 2nd entry this month in their October 2014 color challenge!
Oct color challenge

Since the wine tube had a design on it, gesso and acrylic paint were used to cover it.  I then wrapped the whole tube in tulle from my wedding gown as an elegant background.   I added double white trim on each side of the tube for an elegant touch as well as to cover up the tulle seam.  You will see this trim in some of the close ups below.

I laminated the photo for protection.  Isn't she stunningly gorgeous!?!
Every single gorgeous flower is from Wild Orchid Crafts (WOC) in the UK!
I recolored them with LSG Starburst colors BodaciousBlush, Black Orchid Silver, Clam Bake Beige and
Azure Sea Asters.  Lindy’s sprays really enhance any project you create!
I really LOVE how WOW the exotic feathers look with the beautiful grouping of flowers! 
Si Belle! (French for ‘so beautiful’)
The mini tassel is pinned with a vintage safety pin to the dainty lace-pearl trim that is framing the photo. Both the tassel and trim were recolored with LSG Starburst Bodacious Blush – OMG!  Stunning!    This color can be so dainty and subtle when lightly sprayed or ‘in your face’, truly bodacious when heavily sprayed. 
WOW  ~  WOW  ~  WOW   
Notice the fleur de lis just above the photo?  French as French can be!
BTW, my heritage is Louisiana French “Cajun”  : ).
I designed the stick pin with pink beads, a silver butterfly & bead separators.
I really love the added effect it has on the overall vintage look!
The lace, as well as the pearls, on the bottom half of the wine tube, are from my wedding gown.  The lace was recolored from white to a beautiful blue using LSG Starburst color Azure Sea Asters to match the eye color I chose for the French beauty.  AWESOME!  The tiny WOC roses were colored with LSG Starburst color Black Orchid Silver and then rubbed with ‘OldSilver’ wax.  The metal butterflies add the extra ‘oomph!’. 
The wine tube top decorated with lace and the beautiful WOC rose & rosebuds colored with LSG Bodacious Blush really turned out oh so gorgeous!
The entire outline of the top is decorated with beautiful rope-pearl trim, which was also used to make the handle.
Pearls from my wedding gown, as well as its lace sprayed with LSG Clam Bake Beige, adorn the front of the top piece.  To a few areas of the lace LSG Bodacious Blush color was added with a paint brush.   I am SO pleased with this look!   This V-shaped lace piece is perfectly placed to hang just below where the top & the main tube meet. 
How awesome is that!?! 
(Above) - The beautiful WOC rose & rosebuds were colored with LSG Azure Sea Asters and the small roses on the right side were recolored with LSG Black Orchid Silver and then rubbed with ‘OldSilver’ wax for accent. The two-toned pale pink mini roses on the left side are the original color as purchased….so dainty & pretty! 
Also, the top & bottom circumference of the wine tube is trimmed with a dainty white double-beaded strand.
The back side of the top piece has beautiful WOC antique blue roses that are the original color as purchased.  They are truly stunning just as they are!  I centered a metal ‘flower butterfly’ between them and rubbed on some gold colored wax, as well as just a little bit on the pearls too!  These pearls from my wedding gown were recolored from white to blue with Tim Holtz alcohol ink “Sail Boat Blue”. 
Couldn’t forget the bottom of the tube!  I centered a close up of the beautiful colorized photo inside a blue circle (to match her eyes); and then laminated it for protection:
I had more fun with this than anything else I’ve made in a while!  This was truly the most rewarding project!   This may become a new venture to pursue.   You will be the first to know if and when I do!
I’m definitely keeping this wine tube gift box for myself, especially since part of my wedding gown decorated it.  : )
Thanks again for your visit and I hope that you have a fantastic day!  Lisa : )
Products used:
Wine Tube
    -White gesso & Vanilla color acrylic paint
My Wedding Gown embellishments
    -lace, pearls, tulle
Wild Orchid Crafts flowers – every flower in this project
Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst sprays Bodacious Blush, Black Orchid Silver, Clam Bake Beige, Azure Sea Asters
Michael’s Arts & Crafts – jewelry beads & separators, stick pin, vintage safety pin, metal butterflies, metal key, metal fleur de lis
Hobby Lobby – lace & rope trims,  tassel, feathers
Viva Inka-Gold “OldSilver” & “Gold”
Tim Holtz Adirondack alcohol ink “Sail Boat Blue”
Petaloo velvet leaves


  1. Beautiful Lisa! I really like those flowers coloured with the LSG mists. Must resist the urge to go to that shop and buy some (I spend way too much on scrapbooking already). I'll have to go take a look at my own wedding dress. Been 19 years and I think it's still at my mother's house, lol.

  2. great vintage prodject!! a lot of beautiful details!! thanks for playing with 7Dots Studio!

  3. I Adore I love I love your project is so beautiful. Thank you for your participation.

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  5. So glad you entered this gorgeous project to the color challenge Lisa!!!

  6. Beautiful project!! Love all the amazing details and the vintage look of it)))
    Thank you for sharing your talent at Lindy's Stamp Gang!


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