Friday, August 5, 2016

The London Experience

Sharing a fun collage of photos taken by my daughter and me while visiting London in June 2000.   
For a colorful centered background, I printed the British flag on photo paper. 
Front and center is my lovely daughter exiting an iconic red telephone booth.
Each side of the page has cropped cut outs of some of the memorable places on our tour.
My daughter's favorite place was Carnaby Street in the SoHo District of West London which is full of every imaginable shop!  The huge welcome sign hangs between two buildings. Camden Town is the name of the subway station there.
We were so fortunate to be in London on the day that Queen Elizabeth's birthday is celebrated which is always in June for her August birthday.  They have a big parade called "Trooping the Color" - it is all guards, Scottish bagpipers and of course royalty, including the Queen herself! She is whisked by in her horse drawn carriage.
Then there is Buckingham Palace.  One of the photos shows a Royal Guard stationed right next to the palace and a Bobby (policeman) at one of the front palace gates.
Center top is the canopy entrance to the Hard Rock Café London! Another pin for Brianne's collection : )
The sign in front of Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded! 
Then there is Parliament & Big Ben. 
Next is an iconic red double-decker bus.
And last are signs found in London's subway system called The Underground.  The tunnels of The Underground are called The Tube.  They are round, just like a tube; that is why the station signs are round also.  Pretty cool!  The 'exit' signs say: "Way Out ->" and don't forget to "Mind the Gap" between you and the train!
That concludes the quick tour of London!  Thanks for looking!  Lisa : )


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